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About us

Potato breeding in Gross Luesewitz has a long tradition and started in 1949. Only with the foundation of NORIKA GmbH in 1990 private commercial activities were started and a sales department was established to provide the potato business with seed of NORIKA potato varieties. Besides good quality seed, long-term commercial success requires skilled and experienced consultancy and professional advice towards the growers in order to consider climatic and local soil conditions for the variety choice and husbandry guidance.
This is the basis for potato growing on the highest possible level and is a guarantee for our clients in agriculture, in trade and in the processing industry. Our efficient sales team is everywhere and at any time available for all technical and commercial advice. We have highly specialised experts for husbandry guidance, for storage aspects or for plant protection issues. High responsibility and efficient decision creates mutual confidence, which we consider to be the basis for a long-term and fruitful business relation with our clients.


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Breeding demands a vision of the future. It takes about 14 years from the idea and realization of cross combinations until the registration and marketing of a variety.
Therefore - future market requirements are our breeding aims of today! The NORIKA breeding program combines favourable agronomic traits with multiple resistances as a key for continuous breeding progress. Only constant variety development guarantees resource saving and stable yield in potato production for the growers, quality and stability for commercialisation, and high-quality products for the processing  industry.
The steady improvement of fresh market characteristics and processing traits of new NORIKA varieties
will contribute to a healthy nutrition and the creation of innovative processed potato products today and in the future.


NOREX NORIKA Exportgesellschaft mbH is the exclusive seed potato exporter for NORIKA varieties. Our experienced team exports seed potatoes to more than 40 countries worldwide. According to the orders of our clients we supply seed potatoes to any destination at the right time, in the right quality, with the right packaging (bulk, big bags, jute bags, small packaging or slatted wooden crates) by all kinds of transport (by truck, by container, by rail or by vessel).Our strict and reliable quality management system guarantees, that our clients abroadwill only receive seed potatoes, which comply with our high quality standards and fulfill the specific phytosanitary requirements of the importing country. With the general globalisation of the international potato market we established our import and export business for ware and processing potatoes. We intend to increase this part of our work in the future.

Development of International Markets

NOREX organizes widely spread variety evaluation trials in order to select the suitable varieties for each specific growing area. Different climates, day lengths, planting seasons and market conditions require different potato varieties. NOREX has access to the wide range of NORIKA potato varieties, which includes varieties of all maturity groups, from extra early until late, for all specifications of the table potato business and the potato processing industry. In some countries new varieties need to be registered on the national variety list. Besides the registration of new varieties, NOREX also controls the plant breeders' rights for each NORIKA potato variety in foreign countries. Our export activities are not limited to seed potato deliveries only.
Also seed production and multiplication abroad play a growing role in our business.
Basic seed deliveries, connected with a royalty agreement, help to develop NORIKA potato varieties outside Germany.