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It is impossible to think of healthy, creative cooking without thinking of potatoes. NORIKA offers a range of well-proportioned table potatoes, suitable for all kinds of preparation or processing, which guarantee a high-quality taste experience.

Our special varieties for the potato processing industry enjoy a high reputation when compared with the vast sector of table potatoes. So, nowadays you can take it for granted that you can enjoy outstanding potato crisps, crunchy French fries, golden-yellow mashed potatoes and a wealth of tasty potato convenience products all over Europe and their raw material was grown locally from NORIKA seed stock.

For the past few years NORIKA has been focussing on the ever-increasing demand for organically-grown table potatoes.

In selected businesses organic table potatoes are being produced without the use of chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers and offered in commerce. We supply top-quality goods and guarantee services and products on schedule at fair prices and competent, comprehensive advice.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and requests for quotation on:

Markus Fechter - Departmental Manager, Sales & Purchasing


Tel.: 03 82 09 / 47 780

Fax: 03 82 09 / 47 788

Mobile (0170) 85 52 146

Table, starch and processing potatoes/shipping/purchasing

e-mail: fechter(at)


Ilona Christoph - Sales & Purchasing

Tel.: 03 82 09 / 47 782

Fax: 03 82 09 / 47 788

Mobile (0160) 90 62 50 70

Table, starch and processing potatoes

e-mail: christoph(at)

There is no healthful, innovative and modern cuisine without quality ware potatoes. NORIKA offers a wide range of nice looking quality ware potato varieties with different cooking type and taste. Apart from our table potato varieties NORIKA offers a wide diversity of specialised processing varieties for the industrial production of crisps, potato chips (French fries), flakes and many different convenience potato products.

Over the last years NORIKA GmbH has adjusted to an increasing demand for organic grown fresh market potatoes. NORIKA's selected farms grow potatoes the organic way - without the use of chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizer.

These organic potatoes are offered to regional markets and retailers.The NORIKA ware and processing potato department is to be understood as a service department for our clients.

We supply quality potatoes, at fair prices, according to the market conditions.

Efficient logistics and delivery in time make NORIKA a reliable partner in potato business.